Our Story

Bob & Tom Deroche, Co-Owners

williams-service-company-york-paWilliams Service Company in York PA has been providing excellent service in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration sales and service in the York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and surrounding areas since 1979.

Williams Service Company has become a leader in providing HVAC and refrigeration sales and service. Our diverse customer base includes a wide range of commercial and industrial accounts with facilities of all sizes.

Williams Service Company’s capabilities include new installations and replacement or repair of existing systems. Whether it’s replacing a portion of a current system or making additions. We will facilitate the process with unparalleled expertise. We will analyze the needs of a new facility and determine the optimal system within the budget requirements. Williams Service Company will choose, install, and calibrate equipment so that the old system remains in sync with the changes.

Williams Service Company’s primary business is solving HVAC problems. We accomplish this through a unique combination of a highly trained workforce and superior equipment. Each and every one of our technicians is EPA certified. With technical expertise in the area of residential, commercial, industrial refrigeration, and installation, Williams Service Company can effectively meet a wide range of HVAC needs. We proudly offer service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. All of our technicians are GPS guided, so we know exactly where they are, and are equipped with smart phones which allows for information and communication with other technicians , the home office, and parts supply houses resulting in a faster more efficient service process.

In the last decade, Williams Service Company in York PA has made acquisitions including the 1993 addition of Ressler Refrigeration in Lancaster and the 1995 acquisition of C Refrigeration in York. Most recently, we acquired the assets of a sheet metal company. With the recent acquisition, Williams Service Company can now be even more cost competitive by bringing sheet metal fabrication capabilities in-house.

As the company continues to grow one thing remains constant, our people. We are fortunate to have a great group of people who are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our business. So that when you call on Williams Service Company, you will receive the best possible service experience.