Getting a new HVAC system is a serious investment in your home. If installed right, your new HVAC unit can save 20-40% on your energy bill.

A bad installation will drain your home improvement budget in no time. Before buying a new HVAC, do your homework on HVAC specialists in York County.

A good HVAC installation team works with you to minimize HVAC replacement mistakes. But sometimes accidents happen. 

You can prevent installation problems by learning about them ahead of time. Use this list as a guide to ensure your HVAC replacement goes as planned.

1. Replacing the HVAC Unit Too Soon

The average lifespan for an HVAC unit is 15-20 years. How long it lasts depends on how you take care of the system. Regular HVAC maintenance will extend the system’s life by years.

There are a few reasons to replace an HVAC unit early:

  • It has a SEER rating under 13
  • Constant repairs
  • Bad installation wore out the motor

Before you settle on replacing your HVAC system, have it inspected first. A simple inspection and maintenance can save you thousands of dollars.

2. The New HVAC Unit is the Wrong Size

HVAC units are rated depending on the energy used to cool a cubic foot of air. When you install the wrong unit, they work too hard. Instead of saving money on your energy bill, the ill-fitted HVAC unit costs more.

Use this chart to find the right size HVAC system for your home:

  • 700 to 1,000 square feet: 18,000 BTU unit
  • 1,000 to 1,200 sqft: 21,000 BTU unit
  • 1,200 to 1,400 sqft: 23,000 BTU unit
  • 1,400 to 1,500 sqft: 24,000 BTU unit

Not every HVAC company will have the right unit. You can put a larger unit on your home, but only go up one size.

3. Ignoring the Ductwork

The HVAC’s ductwork moves air throughout your home. After years of constant temperature changes, the ducts develop cracks.

When the ducts in your home leak more than 8% of the air they move, it’s time for new ductwork.

Old air ducts are also a favorite hideout for rodents. Exposure to air passing over rodent waste can make you sick.

4. Leaving the Old Thermostat

Old thermostats control the temperature and power to the HVAC unit. To participate in energy-efficiency programs, you need to change the temperature by hand.

Who’s going to change the temperature if you’re away from home?

Modern thermostats have programmable settings to solve this problem. Some thermostats have apps so you can check your HVAC settings from anywhere.

By updating your thermostat when replacing your HVAC, you can save money on the power bill.

5. Overlooking New HVAC Technology

The minimum SEER rating for Pennsylvania is 13, but HVAC units are rated up to 21 SEER. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the HVAC system.

Homeowners shy away from new HVAC technology with high SEER ratings because of the cost. The truth is, these units can save as much as they cost to install within a decade.

Need Help Avoiding These HVAC Replacement Mistakes?

HVAC systems are vital to surviving the hot, humid summer in York County, PA. Any HVAC replacement mistakes put your family at risk of heat-related illness.

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