DIY repair is a popular activity these days with video channels dedicated to all sorts of DIY activities. But the one thing you should never DIY is AC repair. The risks highly outweigh the rewards in this case.

You don’t have the proper training or equipment, or the years of experience to properly fix a system. You could get hurt or damage your AC unit. Now, read on for the five no-brainer reasons why DIY AC repair is never a good idea!

1. You Need Proper Training and Equipment

Even the simplest HVAC unit can be a confusing mass of wires, parts, and refrigerants. Unless you’ve had the proper training and have the correct equipment for repairing the unit, you are working at an extreme disadvantage. An HVAC technician has the right training and years of experience to five your ailing HVAC system.

2. You Might Void Your Warranty

If your AC unit was professionally installed, it came with a warranty. This allows you to get certain repairs at little to no charge if the damage or maintenance is covered. Working on the unit yourself during the time of the warranty means that the HVAC company will no longer honor that warranty, possibly costing you hundreds of dollars.

3. You Might Damage Your Unit

Your air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery, and if you aren’t intimately familiar with the inner workings of the unit, you won’t know what needs to be repaired. And a bad, or worse, an unneeded repair can damage your AC unit beyond what can be repaired. Even if you are careful, it’s possible to damage your unit without intending to, requiring worse repairs than what was initially needed.

4. You Might Get Hurt

Beyond damaging your AC unit, the personal risk to yourself may be higher than you think. If you fail to turn off the electricity, you risk electrocution. Your AC unit also has several gasses and chemicals which are hazardous to your health.

You not only put yourself at risk in this way but your family as well. Accidentally releasing the potentially deadly gasses or chemicals into the workings of your HVAC system can have long-reaching consequences. Never hesitate to call your local HVAC service technicians.

5. A Professional Will Get It Done Faster

A professional HVAC technician has years of training and experience working with a variety of HVAC systems. They’ve seen a multitude of problems that can crop up in the day-to-day usage of an AC unit, and some that defy description. They also know ways to get the job done faster, and even make your unit run better in the process.

Calling your AC repair technician is the smartest choice when there is a problem with your system. Trying to fix it yourself can cause more problems than it solves. Call your AC repair tech.

Professional AC Repair

Your local AC repair technician has your back when it comes to getting your AC system back up and running fast. Don’t take unnecessary risks by attempting to fix your AC yourself. Call your local repair technician!

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