Having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis is a great way to improve the air quality inside your home.

If you never have your air ducts cleaned out, allergens, dust, and debris will continue to gather and grow and circulate throughout your house. This can cause respiratory problems for yourself, your family, and even your pets. 

Wondering how often to clean ducts in your home and more about why it’s worth the effort? Then read on!

If You’re Wondering How Often to Clean Ducts

There’s no absolute when it comes to how often to clean ducts in your home to keep your air clean. But a good rule of thumb for homeowners and business owners is every three to five years. Keep in mind that this is the minimum and ducts can fill back up with debris more quickly than you might think. 

Some homeowners will require more frequent cleanings. You might want to consider more frequent cleanings if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have pets living inside your home, especially dogs and/or cat
  • You reside in an older home
  • You or someone in your home deals with allergies
  • Someone in your home struggles with a respiratory illness
  • Someone you live with smokes

If any of these issues are present, consider having your air ducts cleaned more frequently than the bare minimum. 

Signs That It’s Time for a Cleaning

Instead of asking how often you should get your air ducts cleaned, consider simply looking out for the signs that getting your ducts cleaned out is a good idea. Since each household is different, learning what to look out for will clue you in that it’s time for a cleaning. 

Here are some signs that it may be time for a professional air duct cleaning:

  • You notice an increase in dust in your home
  • There’s dust gathering around the registers
  • You see visible dust in the ducts
  • You notice an increase in allergy symptoms
  • Respiratory discomforts have increased

If you’re struggling with any of these problems, it’s time to call a trusted cleaner to come and get the job done. 

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

There are several benefits to having your air ducts clean and free from dirt and debris. The most obvious benefit is cleaner air and the relief that brings. Having your air ducts cleaned also reduces the amount of dust that settles in your home on your furniture, and who doesn’t appreciate having to dust less frequently?

Having your air ducts cleaned keeps unpleasant odors such as the smell of pets, mold, paint fumes, tobacco, or cleaning agents out of your home. 

Duct cleaning can also greatly reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. Having your ducts cleaned means removing bacteria, pet dander, mildew, and pollen particles out of your ducts and out of your breathing air. 

Even if you don’t have allergies or respiratory problems, you’ll breathe easier with cleaner air. 

Schedule Your Cleaning Today

Now that you know how often to clean ducts in your home or business and what signs to look for that indicate it’s time for a cleaning, we encourage you to schedule your professional air duct cleaning today! 

Give us a call to set up your professional air duct cleaning and we’ll have you breathing easy in no time.