Summer’s almost upon us, and with that comes the warm weather and the need to use the HVAC system to cool your home. 

When you ensure your home and HVAC system work together well, you’ll be able to save money on your home utility bill. You may think that the only way of saving on your HVAC bills is to invest in the best HVAC system you can afford. 

But there are other ways that you can get the best out of the system you already have. Here’s how to prepare your HVAC system for the summer months. 

Keep Your Outdoor Areas Clear

If your HVAC unit is outside your property, you’ll want to ensure the area is free of any debris. If there are any bushes or plants near your unit, make sure that they’re not blocking or touching the AC unit. If you’re planting anything, make sure that it’s not too close. 

If there are any loose leaves, make sure these are removed completely. 

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that there are at least two feet around your AC unit which are completely free of debris or plants. 

Use a Programmable Thermostat 

One of the best ways of saving money on your energy bills is to use a programmable thermostat, that way you can set up your air-con schedule to best suit your needs. 

You’ll be able to make small changes to the temperature to get it just right. Not only will this save you money, but it will also stop your HVAC unit from working too hard over the hot summer months. 

Change Your Air Filters

If your air filters are clogged, then your cool air just won’t get through. By changing your air filters, you’ll be able to enjoy cool air flowing through your home once again. 

An HVAC technician can take care of this job for you during their spring checkup of your HVAC zoning system. 

Clear Out Your Vents 

Similarly, if you have anything blocking your vents, it could stop the air from flowing properly. 

This will not only prevent your HVAC system from working correctly, but it will also put undue pressure on your HVAC system components making them work harder. This in turn could end up costing you more in HVAC repairs. 

While you can check your vents yourself, if you still have a blockage, you’ll need to have a qualified HVAC technician come and look at them for you. 

Have Your HVAC System Serviced by the Pros 

You don’t need to know how an HVAC system works to carry out some of the basics needed in your summer maintenance. There will, however, be much that you can’t do on your own. 

A qualified HVAC technician will have experience in looking after many different HVAC system types. 

To book in for your summer service, get in touch with Williams Service Co. today.