Without an energy management system, the future of your organization is at stake.

Controlling and reducing the amount of energy your organization uses is important because it allows you to reduce costs, risk, and carbon emissions.

Failure to implement an energy management strategy could cause you to experience a loss in functionality, a sudden increase in energy price, power outages or lack in energy supply.

An energy management system will not only identify opportunities to save energy, but will help you take actions to target them. With this knowledge, you can monitor your progress and further manage your energy consumption.

Keep reading to learn what an energy management system is, why you need one, and how you can effectively put one into effect at your organization.

Why You Need an Energy Management System

Energy management refers to the energy saving process of monitoring and controlling energy in businesses, public and government organizations, and homes. This process is key to saving energy, and therefore money, in your organization.

With a successful energy management system, you’ll find savings related to heating, ventilation, HVAC systems, and more.

Interested? Here are 10 reasons why your business needs an energy management system.

1. Understand Your Power Factor

Your power factor helps you understand how much of the power you’re using to do productive work.

All industrial processes that involve electric motors draw inefficient currents of power. A low power factor means that your utility company has to generate more power than required. 

Electricity companies charge you for this wasted power. By implementing an energy management system, you will be able to identify a low power factor and take the steps to improve it. This will reduce your energy costs significantly.

2. Improve Your Business Model

By eliminating waste and reducing overspending, you will be able to lower your operating costs. In turn, you will run your business more efficiently. 

In addition to lowering operating costs, you could save thousands of dollars each year on utility bills alone. By using energy more efficiently and purposely, you will see savings across the board.

Improve your business as a whole by developing organization-wide energy goals. Making these strategic decisions will determine the financial future of your organization. 

3. Information is Power

An energy management system will provide you with invaluable data. You will then understand your impact on the power grid and be able to determine which business operations use the most energy. 

4. Identify Room for Improvement

With this information, you can prevent downtime by identifying areas of inefficiency and targeting them. You will eliminate risks, ensuring the best outcomes across your energy portfolio.

Track your progress to improve your profit margin. Then you can continually reduce your operating costs by monitoring and improving your energy management system.

Assess the quality of your power and build on your systems over time so that you always have the right amount of power when you need it.

5. Cut Back on Your Energy Consumption

Reducing your energy usage is not just about saving money. Energy usage has a major impact on the environment.

By using energy in a smarter way, you can rest assured that your business is “going green” and choosing to be socially responsible. 

You can use this angle when marketing your business, which will be beneficial to your bottom line. If your business is more sustainable than competitors, it may make a big difference when attracting new customers. 

6. Ease of Control

By adopting an energy management system, you can eliminate the learning curve that is associated with controlling energy systems individually. You will be able to access your settings, schedules, and permissions from a central management system.

When you put multiple systems into a single application, you’re able to make changes immediately across the board. This is a simpler, more efficient way to manage electricity.

With a smart energy management system, you will have the ability to access your systems from any location or device, meaning you don’t have to be present at the office to be in control.

7. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Energy management systems allow you to save time on repetitive tasks related to accounting and management.

Computer-aided tools can monitor your energy consumption so that you don’t have to. They can be programmed to optimize your energy usage based on real-time conditions, eliminating the need to perform system check-ups. 

8. More Productive Staff

Employees who work in energy efficient environments are often more efficient. Studies have shown that lighting and temperature conditions have a significant impact on employee productivity.

If you’re too hot or too cold, you will not be nearly as productive as you would be in a comfortable environment. Implement an energy management system to offer your employees a more reliable, comfortable environment for them to work.

9. Spend Less on Updates

If you’re proactive, you won’t have to worry about making adjustments down the road.

An energy management system will help you keep your equipment operating efficiently, allowing you to predict and prevent potential downtime and costly repairs.

Work with your provider to understand your options so that you can set up your system for optimum efficiency. 

10. Access to Expertise

Providers can provide insight into costs and expectations, which will guide your future decisions on energy.

The right provider will select, install, and calibrate the proper equipment for your energy management needs. And if you need service, professionals will apply their expertise to diagnose and repair your system. 

Get Started Today

The smarter and more efficient your energy management system is, the more money you have the potential to save. 

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