The Salvation Army-York Service Data at a Glance Fact Sheet for program year 2014 (9-30-13 to 10-1-14)
The Salvation Army-York provides a variety of interrelated services that come together in strategic, life-changing ways. We serve everyone in need, without discrimination, guided by a Gospel-motivated mission and a vision of hope and wholeness for individuals, families and neighborhoods. There are three broad categories: Family Services (our caseworkers provide counsel, referrals, short-term financial assistance, free food and clothing); Youth Services (After School program and Summer Day Camp including our Learning Center, gym, Kid’s Café, scouting, craft, game and computer rooms; Summer Camp in the Poconos; Bridging the Gap Character & Life Skills Education in the Schools; Positive Energy Performing Arts; and our new Fine Arts program; all with academic and health/fitness components); and Emergency Services (providing first responder support in times of fire, flood, or other catastrophic events). We celebrated our 125th anniversary in 2014. The Salvation Army globally celebrates its 150th year in 2015.
 Serving city and county. Last year we served 7,365 families (unduplicated) in nearly all 152 York City and County zip codes.
 Serving those most in need. We helped 31,153 individuals (students and adults), including those “newly poor” due to job loss or family crises.
 Providing a “hand up.” 75% have a household income of less than $15,000; another 21% of households have annual income of less than $25,000. Working individuals living in poverty are especially vulnerable to economic change. When utility or rent or prescription costs jump, the short-term financial support we provide gives them just enough time to work through the crisis to a better plan.
 Keeping people healthy, in their homes and productive. The majority of those we serve could be described as “working poor”, adults who are striving to remain in their homes, care for their children and remain healthy and productive. One way to think about the homelessness prevention dimension of our work, is to consider the economic impact of these working adults who would otherwise be homeless and unemployed.
 Strategic intervention for today’s youth, tomorrow’s workers and leaders. About 55% of those we serve are under age 25. All of the students in our After School/Learning Center and performing arts programs advanced to the next grade. No drop outs! Bridging the Gap has reached between 300 and 500 students annually, the fifth graders in York City Schools and our summer camp students, teaching practical skills (empathy, anger management, critical thinking) for success in school and in life. Students and families learn better fitness and nutrition, from gym fitness to SuperCupboard/Dining with Diabetes.
 Reaching out to our diverse community. With bilingual services and a diverse professional staff, we are able to effectively serve the needs of our increasingly diverse residents. About 22% of those we serve are African American; 34% are Caucasian; and 42% are Latino/Hispanic.
 Over 90% of our funding comes from private support (individuals and corporations). That means less than 10% comes from government support, which has been trending downward for years.
 A high service-to-investment ratio. About 86-90% (depending on season) of our $2.7 million budget goes to direct service. We strive to steward effectively. In Family Services we are fulfilling our mission at a per person/case cost of $36.64, and in Youth Services, at a cost per hour/student of only $7.39.
 Collaborative. We partner with other organizations and networks, to assess needs/outcomes, and provide emergency response, social services and consumer learning, intern and volunteer opportunities.
 An array of partnership opportunities. Have a regular or annual meeting with us. Volunteer, as an individual or team. Provide strategic undesignated financial support. Endow a program. Sponsor an event. Remember The Salvation Army in your will and estate planning.