Across the nation, small businesses spend over $60 billion every year on energy costs. If your energy system is breaking the bank, there are other options out there to choose from.

In the market for a new energy system? Read on to learn about the different methods for businesses.

Solar Energy

Solar energy works as an energy system when you buy and install solar panels. These products are an investment worth the money as they are a sustainable option. As a renewable source, you can ensure that the energy you are using for your business is clean.

If you don’t want to install solar panels, you can use passive solar energy. It does not require a conventional HVAC system but this method is not right for factory or high-heat settings. Since it does not allow a lot of temperature control, it may not be the right option for your business.

Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal may be a great business energy system option as it takes advantage of heat pumps to control the temperature. A building is kept cooler in the summer and hotter during the winter with this method of heating and cooling.

Earth’s center is a constant heat source that gets hotter the deeper you dig. However, to use this source of energy with geothermal systems, you only have to dig a few feet below the surface. This is where the temperature is the most constant.

Like solar energy, this is also a clean energy option. Because this process releases less greenhouse gas emissions, there is less of a risk of carbon monoxide.

Traditional Systems

Although there are a lot of benefits of solar and geothermal energy systems, a traditional system can also be energy efficient. When it comes to energy management, it can take years to get a return on investment with a solar energy system.

A central air conditioner circulates air through ducts and carried that air into the building. As the air becomes warmer in the building, it flows back into the ducts.

This energy system for your business can help dehumidify the air. If the system is too large or the area you are in has a humid climate, you may not get the low humidity you are expecting. Using a dehumidifier, in this case, will increase your energy use. 

To save on energy costs, you can set the air system in the building in advance. For example, setting the fan to turn off when the compressor turns off will save you money.

Which Energy System is Best for Your Business?

If you are looking to replace your business energy system, look no further. This guide can help you decide which method is right for your company.

If you want your business to be more efficient, you need your energy to be efficient. At Williams Service Company, we can find the right option for you and have it professionally installed. Request service with us now.