If you live in a climate where October means not just pumpkin spice and spooky season, but also dropping temperatures, it is also time to think about switching over from air conditioning to heat. Even though the days may still be warm, the nights are getting chilly — and before you know it, we’ll be dealing with ice and snow once again. We’ve gathered together some useful HVAC tips to help you make the transition and make sure that your system functions at its most efficient. 

Before you head out to the pumpkin patch or start shopping for a Halloween costume, take care of the tasks on this list. 

Clean and Cover the AC Unit

First things first: when it’s time to shut down the AC for the year, don’t just turn it off or switch the setting on your thermostat. To keep your AC unit in good working order over the winter, give it a little extra attention. 

Clean off any leaves, twigs, or other debris that might have fallen onto the unit over the summer. Check for animal nests or droppings, too. (You should be doing these chores on the regular already, but do an especially thorough job now.) 

Should you cover up the unit to keep it safe from the elements? Opinions vary. AC units are designed to withstand the elements, of course. Covering them can sometimes lead to more problems, such as rusting or other damage caused by moisture.

To be extra safe, you can make a “lid” out of plywood weighted down with some bricks, or buy a commercial cover. Just be sure that you don’t seal it up airtight.

Check Up on the Filters

Equally important to tend to are the filters. The filters for your HVAC system work hard all year to remove allergens and particulate from the air. When you run either the heat or the AC with a dirty or clogged filter, it will have to work a lot harder to achieve the same results. 

At the very least, clean the filters. Depending on what kind they are, you could also replace them entirely. 

Clear Out the Vents

Particularly if those filters were filthy, it’s also smart to clean the vents. Even the best filter will allow some dust and contaminates to get through. Over time, the ductwork can get clogged. Maintain the vents by vacuuming them periodically.

If they’re in particularly bad shape at the end of the summer, call your HVAC technician to clean the vents for you. 

Add Some Insulation

Now is the time to shore up your insulation, so that the HVAC system has an easier job of heating the home. Seal up cracks, caulk any gaps, and cover the windows. There are a lot of easy, inexpensive ways to insulate a single room or a whole house. Your energy bill will thank you!

Call In the Pros

Maybe you don’t have time to take care of these maintenance chores, or maybe some of them are a little beyond your ken. Either way, calling a professional HVAC company will help get the job done right. They will inspect your system, make any necessary repairs or replacements, and provide you with peace of mind. 

Use These HVAC Tips for a Warm, Welcoming Home!

It might not be the most fun you can have over a weekend, but tending to your HVAC system and performing seasonal maintenance tasks is necessary. It will keep your family warm and keep your heating bills low! 

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